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What Can I Wear on My Mission?

24 January

What Can I Wear on My Mission?So here you are. You’ve filled out your papers, waited nervously for a response, and received your call. Or, you’ve decided to get a head start by researching what you can wear on your mission before having received your call. Either way, congratulations! You’re in for a remarkable experience. The truth of the matter is that the answer to the question “what can I wear on my mission?” depends very much on not only where you’re going, but on your specific mission president’s rules as well. In general though, it’s safe to check out the church’s general guidelines for clothing at their website here. To save time, I’ll summarize these general guidelines for you:

For Elders: Regardless of where you go, suits, slacks, white dress shirts, ties, belts, socks, and shoes will consists of most of your wardrobe. The guidelines have become a little more lenient in the last few years, and where only dark suits were recommended in the past, you can now wear lighter grey or brown suits as well as darker colored suits. You can also wear vests or sweaters under your suit coats. The specific type of shoes you’ll wear and whether you’ll need a coat or not depends on your specific mission call and information pertaining to your specific area’s requirements are included with your call. It’s also important to note that you probably won’t be wearing your suit coat while proselyting, again depending on what type of climate you are serving in. For example, I served my mission in Tucson, Arizona and our elders only had to wear their suit coats at baptisms, zone conferences and district meetings, and for church.

For Sisters: Well, I can’t say I’m not a little bit jealous. I served in the days where bright colors weren’t recommended, and the clothing options were, for a lack of a better word, slightly frumpy. But now, bright colors are encouraged, and there are plenty of options out there for adorable Sister Missionary Dresses. In general, your wardrobe will consists of dresses, skirts, blouses, cardigans, sweaters, shoes and possibly nylons, depending on where you’re going and whether or not your specific mission area suggests it. You’re not required to wear nylons, but you might want to if you’re going to a colder climate. Skirts and dresses need to cover the front and back of the knee while standing and sitting, and there are several limits on the type of blouse you can wear, but instead of trying to summarize all of that, I’ll provide you the specific link here.

For both: You’ll need exercise clothes and shoes, pajamas, and one pair of jeans with a few t-shirts to wear for certain activities on preparation day.

These are general guidelines of course, and you should always research the climate of where you’re going to be serving. Don’t just assume you know what you’ll need to take- if possible, talk to someone who served in your mission or in a similar area to get an idea of what will be best to have. Good luck, and get ready for an incredible experience.

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