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Water Heater Help

24 June

water heater helpWater heaters are hidden away in homes and no one really notices when one quits working until a blast of cold water hits the shower curtain. The question is: How should I troubleshoot the heater and find out whether I need to call a repairman?

Midland Water Heater Repair would suggest being aware of eight common water heater malfunctions.

1. No hot water. That is the most attention-getting water heater hangup. Please try the no-brainers first, like re-lighting the pilot light or turning the thermostat up. Voila!
Unfortunately, these parts aren’t always working. Problems with the pilot light sometimes surface with a gas water heater.

2. Sometimes hot water is absent because the heater is too small for the amount of water consumed. The tank should contain up to 3/4 of the water the household needs at any given time.

3. There may be a cross-connection in the circulation plumbing. One little valve could be the culprit that causes a hot and cold water mix-up, so that hot water comes from the cold valve.
There are many variations on this theme, but a plumber will probably be required to untangle the riddle.

4. Is the pilot light hot enough? Take a look. A hot propane flame shows a mix of green and blue with a yellow tip. A natural gas flame presents simply blue with a yellowish tip.

5. A gout of reddish water flows into the sink. This is an annoyance, and a sign that the water heater tank may be corroded. The sacrificial anode has probably quit working. You may install this yourself if you know how. Otherwise, call a professional.

6. Smelly tank. The sacrificial anode is probably the culprit again. Bacteria have begun to grow in the tank because of a faulty anode. Flushing the tank and cleaning it with a disinfectant like peroxide is in order. Next, purchase a good sacrificial anode, preferably a sturdy one of zinc-alloy.

7. The tank begins making bubbling noises. This is a sign that sediment is building in the tank bottom. Heat cannot dissipate from the bottom, and popping, bubbling noise is the result.
You can drain the tank and clean out the sediment yourself, or call a plumber to do it. If you do it yourself, please shut off the electricity to the tank.

8. Water leaks from the tank. A water heater leak is a major problem, costing carpet, flooring and utilities. It is also definitely a plumber’s job. The leak may be coming from the T&P valve. If this valve is not repaired correctly, an explosion could result.

A little attention can make a big difference in water heater performance!

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