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Understanding Child Custody

24 June

child custodyEvery year couples who have been married decide to get divorced. This can lead to child custody issues. Legally, people have to have custody arrangements in place so that each parent knows what responsibilities they are legally bound to take care of. Here are some tips on handling child custody issues.

Begin with a Plan

Parents need to establish what they believe to be in the best interests of the child. This can mean sacrificing time with the child so that the other parents can be as involved in the parenting aspect of the relationship. Parents should know in advance where they want their child to live as their primary residence. This helps lawyers to establish paperwork regarding child custody.

Most people choose to handle this issue one of several ways. The first is that one parent is the primary custodian which means the child lives with them and the other parents has visitation rights. The second is that there is joint custody and parents divide the child’s living arrangements equally. The final option is that a child lives with one parent either on the weekend or during the school year and then has certain visitation days assigned to them.

Meet with a Child Custody Lawyer

A child custody lawyer San Jose can help people to work with their child’s other parent to work out a fair and amicable child custody schedule. Child support issues should also be discussed with the lawyer. It is important for people to make sure that their child will be provided for. There should be a calendar of assigned dates and times where the child will be allowed to be with each parent.

It is important for children to know what will come next. Kids like consistency so it is crucial for there to be a routine in place so that the hand offs of the child go well. If there is too much hostility between the parents then it may be beneficial for a third party such as a friend or family member to hand off the child to each parent. Lawyers can make great third parties and they can help to process paper work so that the process is efficient.

Finish the Negotiations

Parents should be able to negotiate with each other so that their child feels safe and secure. People often make child custody proceedings very messy which can make kids feel depressed. It is a good idea for parents to work on negotiating with each other. This can help make the arrangement one where everyone can benefit. Once an informal agreement has been reached, people can have it legally formalized with the family court.

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