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Top 3 Gift Basket Ideas

14 August

gift_basketsTrying to find the right gift for your friend or loved one? Giving them the gift of a unique gift basket is a great idea. It saves you from trying to figure out how to find that “perfect gift”, and it comes uniquely designed and packaged to send out an impressive gift to a friend or loved one. How do you find a gift basket that will work perfectly for that special person in your life? Here are the top 3 gift basket ideas to consider.

Cookie Gift Basket

Just about everyone loves getting a delicious treat for their birthday. Selecting a cookie gift basket is a great way to let your friend or loved one know how much you care about them. Of course it is important to select a gift basket made with only the best materials. If you choose the wrong cookie gift basket, your friend could end up with a bunch of hard, old cookies. Choose a quality gift basket from Cookies by design gifts so you don’t end up with a bad gift basket. You can choose a number of occasions from birthdays to anniversaries to send out a cool cookie gift basket. The best part is they are large enough you can even send one out to an entire office of people to share. If you are looking for a great corporate gift basket idea, a cookie gift basket is a smart decision.

Fruit Gift Basket

If you have a friend or loved one that really loves fruit, how about making them a cool fruit gift basket? These are quite popular in offices as the fruit can be shared by a lot of people. You can purchase one or make your own depending upon your budget. The big thing with fruit gift baskets is to make sure you are getting fresh fruit delivered. The gift basket makes an impression and you want it to be one that people appreciate, not one that leaves them wondering why you sent them a bad gift basket. To make the fruit gift basket stand out, add some fruit that is dipped in chocolate. This is always a fun treat for anyone hoping to get a little sweetness with the gift basket.

Themed Gift Baskets

A lot of people enjoy gift baskets that are themed. If you have a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan in the family, send them a fun gift basket with a stuffed doll and cookies made to look like baseballs. Themed gift baskets are a great way to show your friend or loved one that you are thinking about them, and you added that extra personalized touch to their gift basket to send you love and appreciation for them.

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