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Teaching Your Children To Read

28 June

kid_readingReading is a much needed skill that can help to develop a person’s intellect and their view of the world. By working on reading skills at home, you can benefit your children when they attend toddler school irvine.

One of the best ways to introduce reading to your children and to spend quality time together is to read to them. Children learn to talk by hearing their parents talk, and the same concepts apply to reading. By seeing you sound out the words in connection to the same words on the page repeatedly, they make the connection between the spoken and written process of reading. Later on, when at day care or toddler school, the connection will be reinforced by the teacher’s reading sessions. Once they have learned to read and construct simple sentences, they begin exploring an entirely new world. Often, they will carry this habit in to their teenage and adult years because of the positive connections you helped to make by reading to them when they were younger. If it does not, your child will still have the subconscious remembrances of time spent with you.

Pyschological Science published a study showing that reading to your child can raise their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) by six points. A plethora of other studies also show that people who were read to when they were younger are better students and have a greater appreciation of learning when they are older. It was also shown that reading builds neural language path way connections in the brain. This helps them to be more literate when they are older and to have better communication skills.

Another benefit of reading to children is that they use the stories to learn how to cope with new experiences. When stories are relevant to situations they are experiencing, such as moving or beginning school, they identify with the characters and do not feel as alone. Because of the wide range of children’s literature, you are very certain of finding a story that is relevant to your child. Reading the story aloud to them also affords them the opportunity of asking you questions. This helps them to clarify the situation and no longer be stressed over anything unknown.

As you can see, the benefits of reading to your child far outweigh any inconvenience that you experience. By taking a few minutes each day or every other day, you can help your child to learn and grow. This investment of time right now will be paid back many times over when your child does well in school and in life.

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