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Social Media Basics

20 June

social-mediaToday social media has become the most used and misunderstood web tool in the marketing toolbox. Every business wants a web presence, social media is the most cost effective way to get this essential foothold. But a large number of companies have made serious public relations mistakes in their entry to the social media arena and wasted time doing damage control instead of making a profit. Tweeting, posting on Facebook, using Pinterest or any other social media site is putting your best image out there, there’s no margin for error.

What to post, what social media network to use, where your audience is and how they communicate, and how often to post are serious decisions to make and a strategy is needed.Not every business has the expertise to make a successful entry into social media. This is where the decision to ask for help is to be made. Internet marketing companies are excellent sources for advice and help in social media marketing. Companies like Orangesoda have the specialists on hand to make a good start a guarantee. Social media expects a relationship, not spam, you are selling but you really can’t sell. Your social media presence has to be friendly and responsive but relevant to the customer or person who has liked or friended you. This is a very delicate balance and it takes experience and savvy to do this. Many social media sites have high memberships and correspondingly high drop rates, it takes industry knowledge to know where to place your social media time and people.

Response time and making policy-based and coherent replies to questions, criticisms and praise is crucial to being relevant in the social media world. Companies like Orangesoda can manage the daily ups and downs of social media and help a company succeed. New content is essential to bringing back visitors and being shared. No one really cares what you had for lunch (unless it’s your new fast food menu), or what your favorite new song is (unless you produced it in mp3 for download. Delicately telling members about your products, gaining their trust and friendship, selling without a pitch is what a business wants.Your brand has to gain instant recognition as the authority on the subject.
For some people social media’s learning curve can be excessively long and high, the opportunities to make fatal mistakes is higher. For social media newbies consulting with professionals like Orangesoda can save time, money and embarrassment. There’s no need to make every post a work of art, this isn’t Hemingway or Shakespeare, just engaging an audience that will migrate to your website and buy. Social media lets users share good ideas and good products with trusted friends so they have to trust the social site. get your facts straight, plan and think before posting, and have a consulting partner to keep you relevant and savvy. Social media is a path to profit and success or a minefield, watch where you walk.

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