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Nu Dolphin Underwater MP3 Player Review

21 November

You might not know it, but there really is such a thing as a waterproof or MP3 player and if you had tried one in the past and were disappointed, then now is the time to give it another go. What you will see is that they have really changed a lot in recent years, both in terms of their size but also in their quality. I have used several of them over the years, but the one that has served me best has been the Nu Dolphin Underwater MP3 Player.

What Is an Underwater MP3 Player?

This is a device that you put in your swimming cap or attach it to your goggles (or mask), and put the small ear buds in your ears. Many people think that there is simply no way that you could get any decent kind of audio underwater, but you really can. I can literally swim for an entire hour and hear every word that my favorite artists are singing. It is fantastically clear, even when there are other people splashing around you.

Obviously, the main difference between an underwater MP3 player like the Nu Dolphin and one of the others is the way in which it is used. This will get wet (very wet!), and your hands will be wet when you operate it. What I like about the Nu Dolphin Underwater MP3 Player is that it is easy to use.

How Does It Work?

Well, you simply load this up like you would any other MP3 player. Just plug it into your computer and drag your favorite songs or audiobooks over to it. It doesn’t use iTunes, so you will need to manually drag everything over using your browser, and it works on both a Mac and a PC.

The Nu Dolphin that I have has 2MG of songs on it which are played in a random order. There are small buttons on the top that are raised (so I can feel them through my swim cap), which allow me to fast forward, rewind, or turn the volume up or down. There is also one main button that turns it on and off. It takes about two or three tries to get used to the buttons and then it becomes second nature. You can see more photographs of this device at the site listed below.

Why Choose This Model?

The reason why I have chosen the Nu Dolphin is because it is easy to use, but also because it really does hold up over time. There aren’t a lot of waterproof Ipods or MP3 players that will last more than a month or so of very heavy swimming, but in spite of the fact that I swim for at least an hour every day (yes, every day!), my most recent Nu Dolphin has lasted me more than a year. For the small price of less than $100, I consider that to be an amazing investment and one that I would recommend to anyone who loves water like I do!

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