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Never Shave Again

08 October

Never Shave AgainEven if it is still a taboo to talk about for some people: Do you have hair in some areas you don’t want to mention or where you really don’t care to have any? Like on your underarms, bikini zone, legs, tummy, back, neck, shoulders, lips or face? Let’s face it – today’s ideal beauty image tends to be more and more towards smooth and sexy skin, without the hair. And for this ideal we are willing to suffer quite a bit.

Most of you probably have decided to go with the easiest, seemingly simplest and pain free method, shaving with a razor. Even if fighting the never ending regrowth of hair armed with only a tube of shaving gel and a double bladed razor is rather burdensome. Especially women with dark hair know the problem – you hardly finished shaving your legs when the first dark stubble is already showing again. You spend so much time shaving your legs that you hardly have the time to show them off.

Those of us that are less pain sensitive simply grab the epilator and start yanking at the roots – literally. While the result lasts a little longer even with this method you will have to redo the whole procedure again after four weeks. In between treatment times you have to wait for the stubble to be long enough for the epilator to be able to grab the hair. Also this method does not lend itself very well to the bikini zone or underarms. That leaves the last alternative, which is waxing – regularly. Professional waxing is not exactly cheap, and in addition it is pretty painful. Even worse, sensitive skin quite often reacts with serious irritation.

But there is help: Assara Laser Hair Removal. The only method of removing unwanted hair with permanent results, and a huge advantage in hair removal, especially for people that have a low pain tolerance, as generally only a light sting can be felt during laser therapy. During treatment, a cooling gel is applied which minimizes even this effect. Typically, only 4-8 treatments are necessary to stop hair growth. The lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the better the results are. However, the experts at Assara Laser Hair Removal can dial in treatment to exactly your skin type, so even if you have lighter hair good results can be achieved. Compared to how much money you would have to spend over years of shaving, epilating or waxing, Laser Hair Removal only costs a fraction and is so much more efficient.

Treatment works equally well for women and men and can be scheduled at your convenience. Call Assara today and never have to shave again.

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