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Moving Into A New Home

16 July

new_home_movingAs a first time mover, you may be at pains on how to go about it. All this can turn out into a smooth run if you sit down and plan. Take stock of your items, hire a moving truck, set the date and clean up. It looks like a lot but once you’re started, everything starts falling into place. Below are some tips on how to ace the process of moving into a new home.

Hire a moving van

The services on offer depend on how much you are willing to pay. Sacramento moving service providers can offer you a full or self-service package. The full service consists of moving truck, packing boxes and a crew to assist. The crew will help you pack clothes, utensils and electronics. They also assist with the loading of the items in the moving truck and unloading them when you get to your new home. In the self service package, you only get the truck.

Change of address

You need to notify your utility companies of the change of address. Visit the post office and update them on the new location. They will be at hand to adjust your address details. If possible, obtain contact details of the person who occupied the residence you are moving into. Ask him/her to brief you on the utility companies he/she used. Contact them as well. Among the services providers you will need to hook up with include water, electricity, telephone, sewer, garbage and gas. Notify creditors and banks of your new address as well.

Buy packing material

If you are handling the process on your own, it is time to shop for packaging boxes. You also require a pair of scissors, marker pens and self-adhesive labels. Start packing your belongings early. As you pack, use the time to get rid of clutter from your house. Put aside anything you do not need. As you fill each box, attach a label to it. Using the marker pen, indicate the contents of the box. It will also make moving in easier if you indicate the room where those items were.

Draft a floor plan

Make several visits to your new house to familiarize yourself with the place. Draft a rough sketch of its floor plan. This is the plan you are going to use when deciding how arrange furniture. Confirm with the owner that all is well. Update them on your status as well as the date you intend to move in.

Hand helps

Unless you have signed for the full moving package, you are going to need several pairs of hands for assistance. Call a few friends and request for their assistance. Actually, you ought to have alerted them a few weeks in advance. This time round confirm their availability. Otherwise, the moving company will handle all the loading and offloading work.

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