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Men’s Grooming Essentials

04 April

shaving kitsWhat goes in a mens shaving kit to complete it? And what else might a man need to groom? Whether you are gifting your guy or perfecting your own stock, these are important questions to answer.

  • Beard saver – To calm down those unruly whiskers and lotion up your face without the actual texture of lotion, invest in some beard saver. This is a manly moisturizer for use in moderation throughout the bearded section of your face. Whether you keep light fuzz or a whole mess of hair, rub in some of this for better control and look. No more must you mess with dryness or breakouts due to dryness. Treat your face to some pampering with a beard saver product.
  • Sanitizing jar – If you use brushes or other reusable tools while getting ready, a sanitizing station is essential to your cleanliness. Fill it with sanitizer and stick in your tools to get rid of that bacteria accruing. This makes for a cleaner shave with fewer bumps and scrapes. Bacteria can cause razor burn bumps. Eliminate more germs that go onto your body with cleaning tools.
  • Shaving kit – A mens shaving kit will get you far in life. Invest in quality products for a more comfortable and lasting shave. This saves time having to go over those missed spots and aggravation having to mask your bloody cuts with pieces of toilet paper. Start living an easier, more luxurious life with luxury items in your medicine cabinet. Because you use them every day, you will definitely get your money’s worth.
  • After-shave – You might not think this essential, but if you struggle with breakouts or razor burn, it might just be. Lightly rub on some of this to close your pores after using the razor. It tingles and uplifts the senses, it protects against oil and germs, and it leaves you smelling amazing, depending on the kind you use. Cheap scents are worse than no scents almost. So invest in quality after-shave as well.
  • Hair gel – For well-groomed hair, you need something that will keep the strays down and the whole do in place. You need a balance between a fixated, glued down mop, and a wild and free one. Start looking more professional now with the right gel or moose for your hair. Each man is different. Depending on the quality and thickness of yours, a certain kind will work best. So experiment to find the right one for you. Just buy a different kind every time until you hit the spot.

Invest in a mens shaving kit, hair products, after-shave, beard saver, and a cleaning station. And with online reviews and recommendations from friends, you can navigate your way into some great buys without trying every product out there.

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