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Men’s Fashion Tips

16 October

When a man is dressing himself, there are a variety of tips to take into consideration to ensure he matches well and looks good. Nothing can throw a look off more than a mismatched outfit or out-of-place accessory. There are some fashion rules to help men with their clothing choices.

The first guideline is to match ties with shirts. If a man is wearing a tie, he should make sure it goes well with the selected shirt. Ties are great for completing a look and they are a great way for men to express their fashion. However, the tie must compliment the outfit and most importantly, the shirt. Also, when tying a tie, the knot should conceal the collar band that is behind the knot.

Another rule is to make sure pants match the shirt. If a man is wearing a dark shirt, it could very well clash with dark pants. It is best for men to try to avoid wearing the same color pants and shirts because it frequently clashes as well. Also, if the pants are multi-colored, it is best to stick to a solid top and vice versa. If a man mixes patterned pants with a patterned shirt, it will likely look busy.

Men should try to keep shoes in great condition. Men often overlook the quality of their shoes, therefore, letting them get ratty and dirty. Shoes are one of the first clothing items noticed by others and dirty shoes can send off the wrong impression making one seem irresponsible or dirty.

Also, men should make sure their clothing items fit properly. For many men, large clothing is more comfortable but wearing baggy clothing isn’t the best fashion statement. Men should wear clothes that fit well because it helps them look sophisticated and put together.

An important fashion tip for men is to always wear undershirts because they soak up the sweat. Undershirts improve the life of men’s shirts. Also, undershirts are great for see-through tops too.

When a man is shopping for a suit, the most flexible and versatile color is navy. It goes well with different occasions and fulfills various purposes. Other flexible suit colors are medium gray and charcoal gray. Also, when it comes to a suit, fitted is the best option. Try not to go too tight.

Many people judge individuals by what they are wearing and how they look. It is important for men to look their best and put effort into their fashion. It is evident that there are several rules out there for men to follow in regards to fashion. Men wear all different clothing items, including made in the USA clothing, it is important they ensure their clothing matches and fits.

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