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Making Straight Hair Curly

20 May

hair_curlerWhen it comes to hair, ladies have got differing tastes and preferences. There are those who prefer it long while others like short and easy to manage hair. In another category, you will find straight haired ladies who want to have theirs curled. On both sides of the coin are the prior mentioned preferences. You should be prepared to spend a little bit more time on transforming straight hair into the curves you have been longing for. Preparation starts while you are taking a shower. You also need a new set of beauty products. If you are doing this from your house, request for the assistance of a few friends.

  • Wash the hair using moisturizing shampoo. You’ll also need a conditioner. It helps to keep the hair in shape. In case you have dry hair, you can avoid using the shampoo. Just rinse it in water and apply the conditioner.
  • While the hair is still damp, apply hair gel. Then use a heat-protecting spray. Separate your hair into two. Start working on the lower half. Dry it using a blow dryer picking sizeable potions about two inches thick. Wind the hair around a brush and aim the blow dryer’s nozzle at the root.
  • Once you are done styling the lower part, unclip the upper portion. Repeat the same blow drying action. Keep flipping your head as the hair dries. This helps increase its volume.
  • Take your curling iron, connect it to power and let it heat. Raise the heat settings to high. Separate your hair and clip it again. This time wrap sizeable sections of the hair around the hot curling iron rod. Let the hair remain there for a few seconds.
  • Every time you release the curled hair, secure it with a pin. Allow the curled sections to cool off before removing the pins. Apply hair spray again.


  • The curling process takes time because you have to take small portions of the hair. By the time you are done it will be several hours. This is a task that you cannot complete on your own. Most people prefer to have a hair stylist do it.
  • While in the company of friends it is more exciting as you can catch up on the latest gossip. Have some music playing in the background in order to prevent boredom.
  • Use Devachan salon curly hair products whenever you are doing such a transformation. If you plan to visit a salon, you can carry your own spray and shampoo. The stylist will only charge you for the rest of the service.
  • Once you are done, thank your friends by treating them to some snacks. Use the money you could have spent at the salon.
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