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In House SEO or Outside Agency?

25 April

social-media-collageMany businesses that find themselves on a strict budget often times ponder the effectiveness of simply performing all of the Search Engine Optimization from within, instead of hiring a specialist service to perform the task for them. Is this a good idea? Yes and No. Although it may be theoretically possible to see improvement in your website’s ranking after having an in-house writer specifically code keywords throughout the content of a site, optimal results will not be seen in most all cases. In fact, too much repetition or improper placement of keywords will actually demote you in the search engine results ranking. Keep reading in order to find out why enlisting an outside agency for optimization needs is strongly advised.

For those of you that are a bit unclear when it comes to all that SEO refers to, it is basically all about search engine ranking. The goal is to be the highest in search results after a search engine user types a word or phrase relevant to your type of business or service. It has been stated that as little as 5% of people will actually go beyond the fourth or fifth page of search engine results to find the link that they want to select. This means that if your business does not come up high in rank, nobody is going to visit the page and do business with you.

If a business chooses to perform their SEO in-house, they better get ready to do some learning on all that is actually included in the process. It is much more than just keyword placement, it is the value of the content, among other things. There are technicians from search engines working tirelessly around the clock to check which sites are more relevant than others based on a strict criteria. Most SEO specialists do not know the behind the scenes criteria taught only to search engine technicians, but with good ethical practice, they should have no problem adhering to the unsaid rules. This could be a very real problem for an in-house team that is simply reading a few tutorials and winging it.

If improperly optimized, search engines will actually demote the website so get anĀ Internet Marketing Agency to help you. This would mean that damage control would have to be put into action from a specialist. This would mean added time on the project’s completion, and more money out of the company’s budget that could have been allocated to being done right the first time. If you are thinking about doing the optimization needed for your website on your own, consider the negative outcomes that may result.

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