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Importance of Facebook in Marketing

09 April

facebook marketingAs the world continues to become faster paced, and everyone is updating their statuses or checking in on daily information through social media, having a Facebook page for your business is becoming more and more important.  Facebook has become a way to not only connect with family and friends, but an avenue for marketing, reaching existing customers, and expanding your business.  Creating a Facebook page for your business has become almost a necessity in staying competitive.  Here are just a few reasons to consider the importance of Facebook in marketing for your business:

    • Reach worldwide customers.  One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is how far reaching it is as an advertising tool.  With members around the globe you can reach a much larger audience through Facebook than virtually any other type of advertising medium.  Facebook allows you to connect with those you may already know or work with as well as thousands who are associated with or friends with them.  The word of mouth aspect of Facebook is built in as every like you receive on your Facebook page is seen by all of the friends and family of them as well without you ever having to do anything.


    • Facebook has become the standard for many people in getting news updates and social information, for these people the only advertising they see is on Facebook.  Because there is no cost to creating a Facebook page you can quickly begin advertising through this outlet.  Simply updating your Facebook status through quotes, special offers, and updated information is a great way to be seen repeatedly by those on Facebook.  In addition, there are many paid advertising opportunities available through Facebook now as well.  Depending on the size and resources of your business there are many advertising options to consider.


    • Facebook helps to build your company’s recognition.  One of the best aspects of Facebook is that through your presence, your updates, customer comments, and even links you will begin to build your company’s recognition as well as reputation.  There is no greater source as a reference than positive comments about your business on your page or positive links from customers that mention your business.


    • Using Facebook page customization you can direct traffic to a website for online purchases.  With Facebook you have the potential of sending an increased amount of traffic to your website.  You can do this though status updates that promote specials and encourage purchases.  This takes Facebook from a simple marketing tool to an important part of your selling process.


For many companies, Facebook has become the outlet to not only reach customers but add status to your business.  Many potential customers will not only search for your business through internet searches, but search for you on Facebook to learn more.  Without a presence on Facebook you could be losing many advertising and business opportunities.

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