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Hair Extensions: Instant Hair, Instant Great First Impression

30 December

People notice hair first. We like to think men notice our eyes or our smile but men and women both notice a woman’s hair before anything else. Hair colors initial impressions: voluptuous hair balances out a fuller figure and long hair makes a woman appear more feminine. Nature does not always give us the hair we need to look our best and make a great first impression but hair coloring and hair extensions provide what nature has forgotten.

Hair Extensions: Instant Hair, Instant Great First ImpressionWearing extensions is the easiest way to have fuller hair. Shampoos that make hair appear fuller really don’t work and teasing your hair makes you look like you just arrived from the 1980s. Clip in extensions make it easy to transform thin hair into thick, wavy locks. You’ll look drop-dead gorgeous and no one will know it’s not all your own hair.

Long, glossy hair looks ultra-feminine but few ladies have the time to care for long hair. Extensions make it easy to instantly have long hair when needed and easy-to-care-for short hair the rest of the time. You can just take extensions off and brush them, getting tangles out of real long hair isn’t so easy.

Two tone hair styles are one of the hottest trends; it’s the ideal look for clubbing. You may not want dramatic highlights for work but when you’re off to a club, use darker extensions under your own hair and you’ll have the same look that celebrities pay expensive hair stylists to create for them. You can dye your hair and have permanent results or wear extensions and have the same dramatic mane without the permanency of dye.

There are human hair and synthetic hair extensions in all lengths, textures and colors so you can have the hair you want for any occasion. You can visit a salon and have extensions bonded to your own hair or you can buy clip in extensions and simply place the extra hair where you want it. Extensions fit all budgets; synthetic clip-in extensions cost little more than DIY hair coloring from the drug store. Semi-permanent extensions made of real human hair and woven into your natural hair by a professional are more expensive since they are meant to be worn everyday.

If you’re buying clip-in extensions to wear to a special event, make sure your hair is healthy. Dry brittle hair cannot hold the clip-in combs as well as healthy hair can and you don’t want your dull hair to be a stark contrast to the extension’s glossy sheen.

Extensions give you better hair instantly. If you need to make a great first impression or you need a boost of self confidence, just clip in an extension and have the long, thick mane you’ve always wanted.

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