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Growing Your Social Media Following

03 May

FollowingThe world of the internet, while once a luxury, has become today a necessity for every business.  Having an online presence helps you reach potential customers and also allows you to stay connected with current and past customers as well.  When growing your presence online one of the most important avenues to consider are social media sites and advertising opportunities.  Here are ways you should consider when growing your social media following:

·         YouTube.  YouTube has become as effective in generating interest in businesses as any other form of social media.  Many viewers will turn to YouTube for credible new information to relaxing humorous videos.  You can multiple videos that attract a following or a single video that will help generate traffic for your business website.  When creating YouTube video consider OrangeSoda YouTube stats that can help you determine what keywords, phrases, and topics are making it to the top of the most viewed and searched for lists.

·         Facebook.  Facebook has become the connection place for the world.  From individual users to companies from around the world without a presence on Facebook your company may easily become lost in the world of cyber space.  Creating a Facebook page for your business will help you to not only share important information about your business but allow you to connect with current and potential customers much quicker and easier.  Facebook offers a convenient and easy way to keep your business name and logo in front of customers on a daily basis.  It also offers a quick and easy way to share promotions, limited time offers, and specials with hundreds to thousands every day.

·         Twitter.  A Twitter account has become a valuable asset for many businesses.  The ability to send out real time information can be a great benefit for many companies.  Offering flash deals or specials has become a popular choice for many businesses.  Twitter has generated a new way for businesses to keep in contact with customers through these real time updates.

·         Blogging.  Blogging creates a unique opportunity to connect with customers and visitors on a more consistent and ongoing basis.  Finding a subject that interests viewers and attaching a blog to your website can be a great way to build a loyal following.  Soon you’ll have visitors that come every day to read the blog.

These primary social media sites can help to grow your business through the vast reach they have daily.  Simply by creating quality content that one user finds important you will soon be reaching hundreds to thousands of their friends, and their friends, friends through online shares and likes.  Learning to use social media outlets as part of your marketing and advertising campaign for your business will help you expand and reach people in a variety of new ways.

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