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Getting In Trouble With The Law

18 June

law_troubleCriminal justice is no laughing matter. While breaking the law might look like a lark on tv and in the media, the reality is that anyone who breaks the law is not seen as a funny person by law enforcement officials. In fact, most cops and other law enforcement officials are more likely to take action against people who make it apparent that they don’t take the law seriously. That kind of behavior is not rewarded in the court system. When you get in trouble with the law, there are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that aren’t so glamorous. The media doesn’t paint a clear picture of the real process of getting through the criminal justice system in the real world. If you get in trouble with the law, here are a few things that you can expect to happen to you.

Getting in trouble with the law involves a lot of paperwork. Because paperwork isn’t very interesting to most people, it is not usually featured on the television depictions of law enforcement stories, but there is actually a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed for every person and every crime that gets committed. Much of the time you spend in booking after you get arrested is spent making statements and watching people fill out forms with information about you. This is a very boring process for most people to have to sit through.

Bail isn’t nearly as simple as they make it look like it is on tv shows. Understanding the concept of ‘posting bail’ is something that most people don’t really take the time to do. It is often said on news media that celebrities who have been arrested are ‘released on bail,’ citing some obscure number of dollars and then moving on to the next story. That’s not what bail is about. When someone is arrested, they don’t go to court straight away. Instead, a court date is determined for a later date. However, the court can’t risk the criminal running away before their day in court. If it is determined that the accused criminal is unsafe or that they are too likely to run away if they are released, then bail is not possible for them. But if the court finds that there is no reason to keep them under constant supervision, then they can be released on bail. A bail bondsman then places the money, however much it might be, in the hands of the court as a placeholder until the court day comes. If someone wants to make bail but doesn’t have the money for it, then they can take out bail bonds Columbus that may be paid off at a later time.

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