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Finding Women’s Clothing for An LDS Mission

27 January

sister_missionariesFor members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving on a mission can be one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Young men and women are sent out to proselytize and engage in humanitarian aid or community service. During this period of their lives, which in the case of women is 18 months, the Church requires that missionaries dress at all times in a manner that is appropriate. 

The LDS Church has put out specific guidelines regarding the appearance of female missionaries. They include such things as the permitted length for skirts and sleeves as well as injunctions against the use of articles of clothing that are overly tight or too transparent. The key points emphasized in these standards are modesty and an awareness that the missionary is, above all, a representative of the Church. However, there are also other factors to consider when choosing the clothing the young woman will be taking with her. First, there’s the question of space. Missionaries may only bring so much luggage with them and thus the entire wardrobe needs to be versatile, with pieces that can easily be mixed and matched. The type of climate and temperature extremes will dictate some of the clothing choices. With limited time for laundry, ironing and additional shopping, clothes need to be easy to care for and long-lasting. Some thought should be given to the type of transportation that will be used. Skirts that are fine for walking may not be comfortable or appropriate for riding a bicycle. Lastly, if she doesn’t already own clothes that conform to the guidelines, a new missionary will have to purchase whatever she needs, so a budget will need to be established.

So where can a woman preparing for an LDS mission find sister missionary apparel? Today, clothes for any type of endeavor can be found at both brick-and-mortar stores and at online shops, and while this is just as true for missionary attire, the internet in particular has been a real boon for anyone looking for items with specialized requirements. An internet search using the keywords “LDS or Sister Missionary Apparel” will yield many good leads. Since time and money will be factors, it’s a good idea to further narrow down the results to those stores offering free shipping or that are within driving distance. For even more options, internet searches using keywords that are not specific to LDS missions, such as “modest clothing resources” or “eBay modest clothing,” will likely turn up stores that carry appropriate choices. Finally, if time is not of the essence, it’s possible to look up customizable clothing websites and find stores that make dresses, skirts and blouses and that leave the hemlines and the length of sleeves up to the customer.

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