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Dressing For The Summer

12 August

Summer_clothesAs the warm summer weather sets in, it is time to ditch heavy attire and sport some lighter stuff. Generally, every is a bit laid back when it comes to summer attire. It is also a time to dress more casually than during any other season. Everyone is resplendent in sandals, t-shirts and jeans. Suddenly, the world is full of color as everyone steps out in their most colorful outfit. As an employee, you have to be vigilant and dress appropriately. In case you are wondering what type of outfits to wear, the tips below will be of great help.

Wear light clothing

Clothing made from fabrics such as linen or cotton is the most ideal for hot weather. These naturally occurring fabrics allow free passage of air. With such clothes on, your skin remains dry. The clothing material should have a sweat wicking ability. This means that the clothing absorbs moisture and prevents you from having a sweaty odor.

Light colored clothes

Light colored clothes reflect light from the sun. This helps keep you cool all day. At the same time, avoid clothes that are too tight. They cling to your body and choke the skin. Loose fitting clothes facilitate air circulation between your body and the fabric.

Summer shoes

As for the shoes, choose leather. You can also put on flip-flops or sandals. The latter are the most appropriate shoes for this season. You will enjoy the comfort of walking up and about in hot weather while at the same time looking fashionable. With sandals, you can easily put them on or off depending on the activity at hand. As this is the time when most people are considering making trips to the beach, look for thongs that you can walk with on sand.

Light jacket

When you are leaving home, you never know what will catch up with you. A bunch of friends may call you with a reminder about a garden party or a night out. That means you will end up getting home late. A light jacket will cover protect you from the cold evening breeze.

Additional dressing tips

With the sun all out, its brightness may cause your eyelids to feel some burning sensation. Invest in a pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays. On the other hand remember to apply sunscreen lotion. Apply cream on the parts of your body that are exposed. You are also going to need this cream if you are planning to spend some time at the beach.

Visit for more dressing tips during the summer. For the office workers, especially women, wear dresses that are not provocative. Men too should stick to the company policy on decent dressing.

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