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Different Types Of Windows And Their Pros And Cons

15 July

new_windowWindows can bring in natural sunlight and will truly enhance the overall look of your home. If you do not know which type of windows you currently have, it is a smart idea to find out. Certain windows can actually cost you additional money in energy bills. There are many different styles of windows. Here are a few of the common options homeowners typically use in their homes.

Bay Windows

These windows are great for ventilation and getting a nice view. The bay windows will offer multiple views outside. This makes it nice because you are able to get a large amount of light entering the home. Some of the models will open so you can have some fresh air inside. The downside is that some do not have screens, so it’s a calling card for insects.

Double Hung Windows

These windows do a great job at ventilating the home. They are easy to use and they have the nice feature of allowing you to open the top while keeping the bottom closed. Parents often like these windows as it can give fresh air to children’s rooms without the risk of the child falling out of the window. While these windows do look nice, they do have a problem with energy costs. In many cases, the windows will leak air. This can cause a breeze in the room. It also limits your ability to truly vent out a room since only half of it will open at once.

Casement Windows

The casement windows are ideal if you want ventilation. They allow you to open them outward, bringing a nice breeze into the home. They also have a tighter seal from other windows, making it easier for you to be able to keep the cold air out in the winter. The downside is that you have to crank them open. This can be annoying for a lot of people, especially if you are dealing with an emergency and you need that window opened in a hurry. Older models will be much harder to open as the hinges age and rust.

Picture Windows

These windows are ideal for anyone that wants to have a clear view outside. You often see them on a complete side of a home that is facing into an unobstructed view of nature. They are great for light and work well for ventilation. They do not allow you to open and close them, making them poor for ventilation. The other frustration is how hard they can be to keep clean since they are pretty large.

Speak to a local expert about different window options for your home. If you need replacement windows in San Jose, it is nice to see all of the options you have. This can give you a good idea of how new windows will transform your home.

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