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Different Lawn Mowers

21 May

mowing_lawnMowing your lawn is a summer activity you’ll do again and again.  From push mowers to standing and riding mowers there are many different types of lawn mowers to choose from to get the job done.  Here is what you need to know to choose the perfect lawn mower for every need:

  • The first choice you will make regarding your new lawn mower is whether it will push powered, self propelled, or riding.  The most important factor in making this decision is the size of your lawn area that will be mowed.  If you have a very small lawn choosing a push mower might not only be economical but a smart choice because it requires less storage space.  For lawns that are over an acre you’ll want to invest in a riding lawn mower that allows you to complete the mowing of your lawn in much less time and with much less effort.  Z turn mowers allow you to reach every area of your lawn without the hassle of using multiple lawn machines.  The most common type of lawn mower for homeowners who have the average size lawn is a self propelled walk behind mower.  These mowers have a powerful motor with a drive train that helps to pull the machine along.  This allows the user to effectively mow the lawn without the exertion of a push mower.  Walk behind mowers come in many different sizes and styles to meet the need of every yard.
  • Other considerations to make when choosing your lawn mower is determining the right size.  A mower’s size is often distinguished by the size of the cutting path.   A mower’s cutting path is determined by the size of the cutting deck.  For large yards you can even choose between single and double deck, cutting path, mowers to cut more grass in half the time.
  • Whether your lawn mower offers bagged or mulched discharge of clippings is a feature you can choose.  While there is convenience to having mulching blades on your mower without a bag, clippings do tend to build up and require dethatching of your lawn periodically.  For homeowners who like a smoother, cleaner look choosing a lawn mower with a discharge bag allows for clippings to be collected in the bag and then either dumped into the garbage or deposited in a compost area.  There are many different versions of lawn mowers that offer both options.
  • Lawn mowers come in personal or commercial models.  The differences between a commercial model and a personal model include the size of the motor, the workmanship of the blades, and most importantly the quality of the construction.  Commercial mowers are designed to withstand much more wear and tear than a personal mower and may be worth the investment if you have a large yard or hope to keep the mower for a longer time.

Understanding your lawn mower needs will allow you to know the specifics of what type of lawn mower you should begin looking for.  You can then begin to compare different makes and models that offer the features you want and determine which is the best value and investment.  A quality lawn mower can last you for many seasons, take the time to investigate the options to determine which one is right for you and your lawn.

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