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Tungsten Rings As Valentines Day Gifts

29 January

With Valentines just two weeks away many are probably wondering what they can get that special someone in their life while maintaining a reasonable budget. Tungsten rings are a reasonable choice for those wanting to purchase a unique gift that is full of sentimental value. The most popular tungsten carbide bands purchased at this time of year are Irish rings, Colored tungsten and the popular carved tungsten rings. Below please learn about the popular styles mentioned.

Celtic or Irish rings: Celtic tungsten rings consist of the popular Claddagh ring, Irish Knot Designs and the symbolic Trinity Design. The popular Claddagh ring is a symbolic ring that references whether or not the person wearing the rings heart belongs to another. There are many couples that choose Claddagh rings as wedding bands however it is also commonly worn as a promise ring. The Irish Knot rings are detailed designs that symbolize love, life, family and loyalty all within the intricacy of the design. Irish knot rings come in so many different patterns that finding a design that best matches a personality is the hardest part. Lastly, the trinity or Triquetra symbolizes the power of three. The power of three is personal for the person wearing it as it can reference many things from family to religion.

Colored Tungsten Rings: Colored tungsten rings consist of black, gold and chocolate. Black and gold plated tungsten has been around for many years and the chocolate is new to the retail market. Colored tungsten is popular for those wanting a unique ring that is different from the traditional wedding band. To manufacture colored tungsten the tungsten metal is heated up and plated with the coloring. Tungsten with a plated finish should be worn as fashion purposes only as it will scratch and fade over time.

Carved Tungsten Carbide Rings: Carved tungsten rings are unique rings that only look better with time. With carved tungsten the metal is has a grooved design or a design that is raised from the surface of the ring giving a beautiful three-dimensional appearance. Carved tungsten rings are typical prices slightly higher than more traditional bands due to the time and detail work it takes to carve into the metal.

Whichever style of ring that is chosen it is important to purchase only from reputable companies that carry the secure seal and quality business affiliations. This will ensure that the ring is not only high quality but comes with a lifetime warranty as well.


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