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Chargify Can Help Grow Your Business

09 October

Chargify Can Help Grow Your BusinessBusiness owners are always looking to improve and grow their business. There are a variety of resources that can assist a business owner grow and expand their business. Chargify can help business owners in a number of ways.

Cash flow is essential for the growth and function of any corporation. Chargify’s service keeps all account activity and cash flow running in an efficient manner. In addition, the service can easily set up special coupons as well as fees and taxes.

The service can also send email notifications to customers for issues concerning failed payment transactions. This service provides useful sign up pages to help customers get acquainted with this remarkable service.

Customers are given their own portal through this service which helps them manage their own personal account. Personal account management is key to running a successful business.

Customers have the ability to add line items to a particular product. Line items can be referred to as add ons or pay per view items. Pay per view items can be easily accessed at any time.

This service will completely manage set up fees as well as any necessary renewal payments. In addition, detailed invoices will be prepared and sent to each active customer.

The API feature will allow you to interact with their system using your own application. Using API will allow you to interact with customers and keep up to date with subscriptions. Subscriptions are important because they can result in repeat business.

This is one of the few services that will monitor company revenue and churn rates. Churn rates refer to the volume of customers who leave a business or supplier during a specific time period. Documenting churn rates are critical to the success and growth of any business organization.

For customer convenience this unique service will connect to systems such as Xero and Salesforce. Xero is an online accounting software product that is frequently used by small and medium sized businesses.

Salesforce is a global computing company that is based out of San Francisco California. Salesforce has been quite successful in helping a variety of business organizations with sales revenue as well lead conversion. Lead conversion is particularly important for repeat business customers.

This service can offer a host of unique benefits and services to various business organizations. In addition, the service can increase productivity and overall business practices if used correctly.

An attractive feature of this service is the fact that no contracts or sign up fees are required. Additional information is available through the company website. Please see

For additional information a video tour is available through the company website. The video tour was created by the co-founder of the company.


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