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Water Damage

16 July

Water damage can be tricky. Water can get into deep, hidden areas in your house, and become trapped. Sometimes, only sophisticated meters used to detect moisture can find hidden pockets of water saturation. If the water remains undetected, it can cause many problems, from foul odors to dangerous mold. Whether you have water damage from […]

Home Remodel Projects

25 June

It is Summertime in one of the best places to live in the United States- Kentucky. If you are considering spending your Summer on a home remodeling project and are ready to bring in the roll off dumpsters Louisville, here are a few options that might be worth your consideration: Finishing the Basement: If you […]

Sleepwalk With Me

13 December

Comedians are known for using their personal lives as a go to source for their comedy routines. It’s actually a good idea if your life is interesting enough and you’re not ashamed to talk about those experiences. Mike Birbiglia is a comedian who has both of those things working for him, but he’s done more […]