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Best Products for Shaving

11 February

shavingEver notice how working with cheap things always seems to yield cheap results? You know, you buy the “value” brand at the grocery store and find out they saved on the cost by skipping on the taste. Or you buy the cheaper Blu Ray player to save a few bucks and it breaks down a few months later for no reason. Remember the hundreds of other money saving items you have purchased and will purchase? Time to think a little differently.

Truth is, you need to be investing in things that deserve to be invested in. One of those things is shaving. Now before you become defensive, consider all the times you’ve cut yourself. Think of how often you’ve had to put toilet paper wads on your face to stop the bleeding. What about the shaving cream and aftershave? Wasn’t that supposed to help somehow?

In all honesty, you know the truth. Crappy things come with cheap price tags. So if you are good with shaving your face with low quality products that knick and cut every time, stop reading. Otherwise, consider spending a moment or two learning how to improve your shaving experience and look better for it.

First, every shave needs four steps to be the best it can – pre-shave treatment (like shaving oil), good lathering, the actual shaving part, and after care. We aren’t talking a simple soapy face wash followed by a quick smear of the cheapest shaving cream from the store. A good shave takes effort and a little faith in quality products coming at fair prices.

The pre-shave treatment should be done with a product that is spoken highly of – not the supermarket store brand. It will cost more than the bargain options and therefore have more value in it. You are looking for a oil or cream to apply to the face to help prepare it for shaving. The more moist and ready the face, the easier the shave. A good shaving oil will be more than just petroleum jelly or a bunch of chemical names. There should be botanicals and essential oils that both smell nice and actually help the face.

Good lather comes from good equipment. A quick smear of shaving cream is actually not that effective at getting the hairs to stand up and be ready for cutting. For that a badger brush and shaving soap are a better fit. The badger brush holds a lot of moisture and gets the soap into a great lather. Plus the bristles make the facial hair stand up. A quality one will be made with actual badger hair.

The razor itself is another important choice. If you have the brush and soap, a straight razor will be great. It lasts for years and will shave well. However, if you are doing all the other parts, you’ll need a multiple blade razor. Most of the time, the more blades the merrier on this one, but just don’t get suckered into store brands and knock offs. Stick to name brands and mid to high ranged prices.

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