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A Retro Look for the New Century

27 January

A Retro Look for the New CenturySometimes a person just needs to treat themselves to a new outfit. The reason doesn’t matter, say it’s your turn for a makeover. You’d have to decide what kind of outfit you’d like to get and how complete you’d like to be. Are you going to pick up a fancy dress fit for a black tie event or going for something more flirty and casual? Just for fun, imagine that that you are going to splurge on the whole enchilada. You are getting yourself a full outfit fit for any first date.

Many woman love to accessorize with a flattering silken scarf. Since Jackie-O, the silky scarf has been a classic. They are forgiving on a bad hair day, lend a splash of color and can be worn a thousand ways. Tied on like a headband, braided into your hair or wrapped up in a bun, it is a fun and fresh look for any occasion. Keep any jewelry simple when wearing a scarf so that your look does not become too busy.

Right now, layers are in. A colorful thin cotton tee or tank top is a wonderful bottom layer. Make it comfortably fitted to avoid bulk. Combine with a funky retro-chic button up sweater for a versatile outfit that can be cozy in any temperature.

Your bottoms are very much a matter of personal choice. Are you a pants or a skirt sort of person? Slim fit leggings are comfortable and quite the look. They come in every color and pattern imaginable. Be sure to pick up a pair that fits you well. Match them up with a tunic length sweater or shirt, nothing shorter.

If you are a skirt kind of lady, there is a classic and sexy skirt in vogue. Today’s silhouette takes us back to an earlier time when Cary Grant was on the big screen and figure hugging wiggle skirts were queen. These skirts puff slightly at the hip but tuck in again at your knee and waist. This shape serves to accentuate your female form with the classic hourglass shape. It gives an instant oomph to any outfit. It’s just the thing to match with a layered shirt and sweater for a great first impression.

No wiggle skirt and sweater would be complete without a pair of stockings and kitten heels. You can go fully retro these days with seamed stockings or plain but striking tights. Add a clutch purse and anyone you meet will be blown over. It isn’t too tame and yet wouldn’t look out of place in a casual coffee shop.

If you choose to make your new outfit a reality, you’ll want to try and shave a few bucks off here and there. Splurging is nice in theory. In reality, it is hard on the pocketbook. Downeast is a good place to start your shopping trip. They have a good selection of clothes and reasonable prices.

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