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A Head-On Collision with a Semi Changed My Life Forever

17 July

semitruckDriving home from work on a way to my semi formal in high school, I never thought the jaws of life would be my date for the rest of my evening. Traveling down a two lane highway behind two other vehicles, our journey was quickly stopped by an eighteen wheeler. Apparently, a car was stalled over a hill and blocking our lane to which the first car stopped with no issues. The second car did not know the car was stopping, due to its faulty brake lights, and went into the ditch. I instinctively went to the left to avoid those cars and was met with the semi head on. My injuries were severe, including several broken ribs, a punctured and collapsed lung, lacerated kidney and liver, severed tendons on my right hand, a gash in my forehead requiring plastic surgery and other small injuries. Unfortunately, the police report simply stated that the accident was my fault. I did not remember the tragedy, so did not argue.

After being in ICU for several days, I began to slowly recover, though still had no idea what had happened. It took months of physical therapy to regain use of my hand and legs. The scars from my surgeries will always be a reminder of the turmoil. I was unable to complete my portfolio for art school, so my plans had to rapidly change for my future as well. I was still in a hospital bed for my graduation. I cried often and wished I would have died. My hospital bills were piling up and driving my family apart. How could one day that I could not remember be such a life changing event? Was everything my fault? That was what I was led to believe.

After several months of different individuals approaching me saying they nearly wrecked because of that car in the road, I decided to contact an attorney to find out the truth. My attorney worked diligently on my case, interviewing all individuals involved. My attorney won my case, which helped to offset medical bills. Had he not pursued all avenues, I probably would have walked away not knowing what happened that day. I no longer felt empty and sorry for myself. Although my life had changed, at least I was still alive. My attorney gave me the closure I needed to move on.

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