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5 Uses for a Bear Coat

08 October

5 Uses for a Bear CoatUses for a Bear Coat

The bear coat is a style of coat becoming more and more popular recently, popping up on online retailers for individuals to buy. The coat actually makes the wearer look as if he is wearing the skin of a bear, but with a friendlier bear face that is obviously fake. There are a number of reasons an individual might wear this sort of coat, ranging from the practical to the hysterical. If nothing else, the bear coat is certainly a conversation starter, and could be the perfect thing to give as a gift or keep for yourself.


The bear coat is first and foremost a coat, so the functionality of keeping the wearer warm should not be overlooked. The fur on the coat, while funny, is also incredibly warm. If you are headed somewhere where a fun and whimsical look would work, like a gathering of friends or out to a house party, and it is extra cold out, slipping on this coat might be the ideal solution to stay comfortable and have a good time.


Obviously, this coat could work great for anyone needing to dress up as a bear for one reason or another. If you are headed to a costumed event or planning a Halloween celebration, this coat steps in in a pinch as a quick and easy costume. It could also work in a play when a bear costume is called for for a character portrayal.


If you are headed to a party where the jokes and laughs will be flowing, slip this coat on. It will draw plenty of attention and smiles and help you make a big entrance, which is a great way to start off a night of fun. This coat would work particularly well at a party filled with younger people, like teens or young adults.


Giving this coat as a gift is a great way to put a smile on anyone’s face, whether it is for a birthday present or holiday gift. The coat can be given as a sort of gag gift to get everyone laughing, or as a genuine present if you know someone that this type of coat would be perfect for. Anyone with a sense of whimsy will get a kick out of it.

For Kids

Finally, this style of coat is ideal when dealing with little kids, particularly if the kids are not prone to being frightened by the sight of a fake bear. You can wear the coat to play pretend when watching children, as a way to dress up and entertains small ones. Any child will love being jokingly chased around by an adult wearing a big bad bear costume.


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